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"Outside of your parents, who had the greatest positive impact in your life?" 
When we asked young adults this question, the most common answer was their teacher or a mentor.
Teachers are on the front lines for student's development. Most teachers were inspired to teach by the possibility of making lasting positive impressions on students.

What if you had a curriculum designed for helping students process character values that gave them skills to succeed in life and business, and it's fun!?  We've developed CREATE Club's curriculum to be turn-key for teachers yet flexible enough to allow a teacher's style. 

What are CREATE Clubs?

CREATE Clubs are weekly, 90-minute, outside of school hours classes that teach entrepreneurship and character development. Each module includes three elements:

  • Games that Teach
  • Real Case Stories to Process Business Competencies and Character Values. (Such as honesty or the decision-making process)
  • Experiential learning (Students form a business and make a profit in four months)

Teachers administer the curriculum to students. Mentors who are selected and vetted through the business community support the teacher by processing the ideas with students in break-out groups of six-to-eight.

Frequently asked questions

We hope to answer the most commonly asked questions below. If we didn't get to yours, please submit a question, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Curriculum Sample?
Is the position paid?
What about support?
About Mentors
Time Commitment
Curriculum Sample?

May I see a sample of the curriculum?

Click the picture to the left for a sample of the curriculum in written form.  We offer written and video instructions for each module and video training to acquaint you with each lesson's integrated concepts.

Is the position paid?

Do CREATE Clubs Teachers Get Paid?

Absolutely!  Depending on the club's size, the stipend can be similar to coaching a sport or other school-related club. Administering bigger clubs offers considerably more income.  Click the picture on the left to learn how we pay teachers.

What about support?

What about support?

Before you teach your first lesson, we develop a Charter Club Launch Committee from business members in the community.  They help recruit mentors and students for the charter club and will organize important details with the selected teacher and mentors. 

Unless you've stumbled upon the CREATE Clubs website, a CREATE Clubs Regional Developer is likely leading the development of the CREATE Club in your community.  RDs are the catalyst behind the Charter Club Launch Committee and have experience working with the curriculum, students, and mentors. 

We've designed the curriculum to be simple to teach; by loading it with videos and case studies for the students.  Your job is to create an inviting and exciting environment, enticing students to return and bring their friends.
About Mentors


An essential part of your club will be the mentors. We choose business professionals from your community to volunteer two hours per week with students. We strive for a mentor for every seven students. Mentors will process the curriculum with the students, helping them understand the finer points, and punctuating the aha moments.  Mentors are highly committed volunteers.
Time Commitment

What kind of commitment?

Weekly classes are 90 minutes. We ask you to arrive early to help you set up and greet the students. You'll execute the module, clean up, and say, "goodbye."  Expect a full 2 hours on the club meeting day.
Unlike coaching a sport, teaching with CREATE Clubs is a full year commitment.  You choose the day and time of the week that best fits for you, the mentors', and the students' schedules. As you know, class prep is time-consuming, but we expect 1 hour a week is sufficient. 
Total time ~approx.~ Three hours per week.
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