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Are you hungry to succeed?

Are you ready to test yourself 
​with real-life experience?

Is now the time to level-up, giving you and advantage​ over other students your age?

Will you give your all
​when it counts?

Are you itching to start something
​new and meaningful?

Do your resume bullets speak of your strong character and business acumen?

Would you like for your ideas
​to earn you a profit?

Football linebackers can prepare to sack the quarterback by bulking up in the weight room.  But their critical readiness comes from exposure to the game, repetition in practice, and coaching. 

 What is preparing you for the real world?

Soft Skills & Character Attributes

  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Dependability
  • Positive Attitude
  • Self-Motivated
  • Communication Skills
  • Works Well Under Pressure

Strong Work Ethic


Communication Skills

Positive Attitude


Works Well Under Pressure

How will you develop the critical soft skills and strong character traits that your future success requires?  

The classroom teaches and tests you on what you've learned.  You rarely test your own ideas in the marketplace.  Where do you get real-world experience?

High school and college internships are a solution to students’ desperate need for experience, and they are in high demand.  Students have a 25% higher chance of getting an internship if they have prior experience on their resume.  

But how do you get experience if you need experience to get experience?  

In a CREATE Club, students level-up their resumes with the experience of launching a business startup.  Our COVID-safe courses lead you through our world-class, step-by-step entrepreneurial process, and our mentors guide you through each step.  

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CREATE Clubs are 
​education with application

For Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors in High School and University-Age Students.

Students develop a business and make a profit in two months!

When you join CREATE Clubs, you get:

An Instructor  to Lead You Through the Entrepreneurial Process

A World Class Curriculum

A Mentor From the Business Community

A Student Cohort to Help You Succeed and Grow

The promise is true, 
CREATE Clubs will teach you to run a business in four months,  
and there is much more to it.

CREATE Clubs include active learning.  Each lesson is chalked full of business education, step-by-step guidance for your startup, and case stories from entrepreneurs, authors, and CEOs to help you develop your character and decision-making skills.  Weekly you'll process, strategize, and execute your next steps.  

CREATE Clubs help you become the person you can't wait to be.

​How to build a business with CREATE Clubs?

  • Follow these steps

Step 1.

Join a CREATE Clubs


Find out if CREATE Clubs are right for you.

Step 2.

Attend weekly classes.
Weekly classes have 5-50 students that meet in a COVID safe way.  

Mentors lead students in small groups in person or on zoom calls.
​Group-work and homework is building a business!

Step 3.

You choose what to do with your profit.  

Whether you:

- Reinvest in your business

- Pay for future tuition

- Spend as you please

Students receive basic tax information in CREATE Clubs.  Adhering to state and federal tax laws are the student's responsibility.

​What's my investment?

Students can use their profits for tuition, future business ideas, or any purpose they choose.  Scholarships are available and based on need. At specific times of the year, CREATE Clubs will offer early sign up discounts as well as discounts for students who take on specific leadership roles.  Enroll through this website or through your local school district's community education (if available).

Apply for a student leadership role

Mid March - Mid May
Spring Enrollment

$380 +tax

Choose Spring Enrollment

June & July
Summer Enrollment

$190 +tax

Choose Summer Enrollment

September & October
Fall Enrollment

$380 +tax

Choose Fall Enrollment

Students are responsible for applicable taxes on earned income according to state laws.  

Apply for a Scholarship

Premium Education Package

$2,600 per year

Includes one year's tuition, mentor, class cohort and monthly professional coaching for SAT/ACT and college preparation.

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​What makes CREATE Clubs different?

CREATE Clubs curriculum is world-class.  Each week we feature an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a successful author. Our featured entrepreneurs offer nuggets of wisdom from their successes and failures.  Games and competitions make learning fun.  Our mentors, who are business professionals from the community, process each segment with you.  Your weekly assignments are a step-by-step guide to running a business. You actually CREATE a business week-by-week.

Already have a product in mind?  We'll help you launch it.  Otherwise, you'll CREATE your first business with a template that we've perfected for your learning.  It allows you to have quick success while learning dozens of lean startup and business development principles.  After your first venture gives you a firm footing in the entrepreneurial process, we lead you through the creation of your own startup.  You develop the concept, you build the team, you launch the product, and you take it to scale.  You become an entrepreneur, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

​Good, Common Sense, Frequently Asked Questions

CREATE Club here?
Any extra costs?
I have a friend...
CREATE Club here?

If CREATE Clubs doesn't exist in your area...

CREATE Clubs are spreading fast, but a club may not yet exist in your community.  Thanks to Zoom classes, a CREATE Club can exist anywhere in the world. CREATE Club's founder and CEO teaches classes every week.  It is required, however, that you have a local mentor and a cluster of students from your area in the class with you.  If you're a go-getter, you can charter this in your town.  

Are you interested in being a Charter Member, helping develop a CREATE Clubs at your school or in your community?  Imagine that on your resume!  Imagine how that will affect your community for years to come!  You'll need to get some adults on board to become mentors.  With 20+ students, CREATE Clubs will hire a local teacher to run the curriculum.  Are you the type of leader we're looking for?

Get info about chartering a club
Any extra costs?

Outside of enrollment fees, nearly zero, but there may be small costs.

Operating with integrity and transparency is valuable to CREATE Clubs, and we want you to be aware of extra costs.  We give students guided autonomy; they make the final business decision.  Our first entrepreneurial project is a low cost or zero cost template that teaches the entrepreneurial process and helps students raise significant capital for both their future tuition or their perspective businesses.  Students can expect to pay for small expenditures ($10-$20) in the course of their first-semester business process. 

We also recommend that students purchase CREATE Clubs CEO's book, On Success, coming soon to Apple iBooks, Amazon, Kindle, and wherever you buy books.  CREATE Clubs student receive a discount.


Yep.  We can promise some things, others we can't.

We guarantee that CREATE Clubs will give you an excellent education in entrepreneurship and character development.  We promise to provide you with opportunities to develop a business, step-by-step instructions, and assignments that will lead you to success.  Whether you apply what you learn is up to you.  We can't and don't guarantee that you'll make money or how much you'll make.  That's up to you.

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