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Build A Career With Impact

Develop CREATE Clubs Throughout Your Region

Impact a generation by connecting students with mentors

Launch CREATE Clubs in new cities and schools in your region

Develop a residual income stream that others help you grow

  • Some successful business owners regret that their success lacks meaning.
  • Many skilled professionals don't find meaning in their work.
  • Most non-profit directors aren't paid what they deserve.

Are you ready to use grow a business with enormous impact and get paid for your efforts?

IMPORTANT - The CREATE Clubs Regional Developer Position is only available to people with five or more years of proven networking skills in their community, who have held community leadership roles, and have a proven track record of leadership, influence, and responsibility.  If that's you:

Become a difference-maker as a CREATE Clubs Regional Developers 

Connect Students with Mentors

CREATE Clubs range in size from 20-100 students.  Students form teams in groups of seven with a mentor. Through our world-class curriculum, we teach them to build a business and make a profit in four months AND we give them character lessons along the way.

Launch CREATE Clubs in New Cities and Schools

Share the vision with leaders in multiple communities and cities.  Help them organize a committee to charter a CREATE Club.  Give them our instruction booklet for starting a club.  Then encourage and support them as they grow.

Create an income stream that grows with your business

Regional Developers are paid a percentage of each paid-student in the clubs.  Clubs grow virally year-to-year.  Regional Developers primary role is launching new clubs well.  Income potential is limitless.

Learn the job details for a CREATE Clubs Regional Developer

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Who Are Good Candidates
(​Qualifications & Fit)

  • Business networking skills are essential and we only consider candidates with a proven track record of networking and leading business professionals - 5+ years of experience.
  • A proven track record with a reputable business, service, or community organization.  Examples:  Rotary or other service organizations, Chamber of Commerce or other business organization, Young Life/YMCA or other volunteer organizations - 5+ years of experience.
  • Professional in communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Must have a track record of excellent leadership skill of selling a vision.

Steps to Becoming a CREATE Clubs Regional Developer

1.  Learn the work details and expectations

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2.  Apply on-line

We will contact you for an interview time, and we'll contact your references.  To decide of you are right for the position, we'll take you through our hiring process.


3.  Attend Our Regional Developer Training

Learn CREATE Clubs process for sharing the vision and developing CREATE Clubs.

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