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It's about building character in young people.

Can you think of an adult who illuminated your path or pointed you in the right direction?  

Young people need mature adults for the sake of 


3 Challenges keep students from getting the help they need:

1. Young people spend more time with screens than adult mentors.

2. The gap between responsible adults and teenagers widens yearly.

3. Busy business leaders don’t have the energy to waste without a return.

What is the #1 developmental atrophy without adult involvement, without mentorship?



Redefining Mentoring

CREATE Clubs world-class curriculum focuses on two elements:


Each CREATE Clubs lesson features an entrepreneur, incorporates interactive learning, and assigns students project management tasks.  Students build a profitable business from a template in the first four months learning invaluable lessons.  Then, with your guidance, they create a profitable business of their own.

Character Development

Mentors debrief case stories of courage, failures, integrity, mistakes, principles, and habits from highlighted entrepreneurs.  More than helping shape the student's mind, mentors help shape their heart.

Stacking the Deck for Mentors

CREATE Club mentors don't waste their time, they build strong relationships with their students.  With in-time curriculum notes, powerful debriefing questions, and relationship building activities, we set our mentors up to make an impact.  We don't give you all the answers, but we set our mentor up to be one step ahead of the game.

CREATE Clubs mentors prepare students for life. Students process challenging ideas with their mentors, making character distinctions that lead to character decisions.  They work out these decision in their budding businesses with their mentors guiding hand.

FAQ below.  Or, Download The CREATE Clubs Mentoring Overview

Time Commitment???
Next Steps???
Time Commitment???

What is the time commitment?

A:  We ask you to commit two hours per week with the students.  Clubs meet at different times according to the teacher’s, mentors’, and students’ schedules.  Club meetings are 90 minutes and mentors are very engaged.  Arriving 15 minutes early and departing 15 minutes late rounds out the 2 hours per week.


What does it mean to mentor?

A:  Students need your experience.  We’ve created a platform with a robust curriculum given by a local teacher.  It includes three parts: games, case stories, and entrepreneurial challenge experiences for students to participate.  After each element, you’ll gather the students into small groups with a list of questions to process with them.  You get to guide them with your expertise and your help them process in your listening.


Q:  What are the qualifications?

A:  You must pass a background check to be with the students.  We ask that you have two things:  

    1. Care and business experience to share.   
    2. Commitment to show weekly for the club meetings.

What kind of support do I get?

We designed CREATE Clubs with large groups in mind, matching one mentor with six to eight students.  Two to ten mentors meet within a club.  Clubs can be as small as ten students and as large as 70 or more.  In most cases, a teacher will administer the curriculum to the club.  The mentors will listen along with the students, and we give them questions to help their small group process the lesson.  We give you the material with notes ahead of time.

In other words, we give you all the tools to engage with students.  Your job is simple, show up and engage. 

Next Steps???

Apply to be a mentor and we'll connect you with a CREATE Club in your area.  If a CREATE Club doesn't yet exist near you, by applying you'll notify us of your interest to take part in one or help charter a club.  Students are limited to joining CREATE Clubs by the number of mentors and the number of clubs available.  Apply to mentor today!

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