Where do you get real-life experience?

 How do you develop the skills you need to succeed?

 We developed CREATE Clubs for high school 

Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and Their Mentors.  

Students build a business and make a profit in a semester or a summer.  

CREATE for Students

CREATE for Mentors

CREATE for Teachers

Classes meet weekly for eight weeks, often through community education.  Class sizes range from 20 - 100 and have a mentor for each cluster of seven students.  Each educational module lasts 150 minutes and has three elements of experiential learning.

Games & Debrief

You spend enough time in lectures.  CC learning is hands-on fun.  Our games relate to real life; they reveal and challenge the way you think.

Case Stories & Debrief

Hear from entrepreneurs who have gone before you.  Process character elements to determine who you want to be, not just what you want to do.

CREATE Challenge

Internalize the education by testing it out.  In small groups, with a mentor, students learn to develop a business and make a profit in four month.

​Students learn to build a business and make a profit in four months.


Enrollment begins now for Spring & Summer 2021 clubs for  10th, 11th,  12th grade students.

Join a CREATE Club


Business professionals willing to share their knowledge, experience, and volunteer 2.5 hours per week.

Become a Mentor


Do you love students and have the desire to help CREATE Club's students launch a business?  Your role is integral to CREATE Club's program.

CREATE for Teachers

Regional Developer

If CREATE Clubs do not yet exist in your community, our toolkit can help you get one started.  Regional Developers start CREATE in multiple communities, a highly rewarding career.

Charter a CREATE Club